Monday, 20 April 2015

Still Here

Forget long long time ago ... I'm beginning to think it was in a galaxy far far away ... one where time was mine to distribute as I chose. For now I'm content with an important finish and a little bit of bragging.

'Little Jakes Farm' is finally a completed quilt and ready to hand over.

Just in the nick of time to enter into our local show and proudly showing off a Champion ribbon.

So far I have managed to keep up with my 'Natures Journey' blocks for Feb and March ... April is winding up quickly and this is my progress to date.

Blanket stitching is completed and I have all the little pieces cut out ready for needle turning ... one finish each night should get me there but now I've just realized I need to make stems yet.

There is no accounting for Jayne's choice of sleeping spot the other day ... if I water it, will it grow? (No plants were harmed)

Fleur has her permanent warm sunny spot ready for the colder weather.

Oh for a cat's life     >^..^<


  1. Love your quilt. Congratulations on the champion ribbon. Beautiful blocks. Love your gorgeous kitties. Hugs, xx

  2. Hi Narelle ,wow your quilt looks so wonderful and congrats on taking first prize with it,your blocks look lovely and your kitties are funny and cute xx

  3. well done on your prize winning quilt! icing on the cake.
    great nj blocks too.
    I'd take the furry girls' life anyday.

  4. Congratulations on the ribbon!! The quilt is beautiful! Your Nature's Journey blocks look great - mine is still unstarted! - and Fleur looks well settled!

  5. goodluck getting your SAL blocks finished.............

  6. I love Little Jakes Farm! And while I'm not really a 'cat' person, your cats are rather lovely looking.

  7. Congratulations on your win! Such a great feeling!

  8. oh well done with the ribbon for your fantastic quilt.... I love all the colours you used ... it looks just great...

  9. How fantastic you got that quilt completed in time to win a ribbon as well!! Congrats!!

  10. Great effort on your winning quilt...I often wonder why cats like to be all squashed up sometimes...they do look contented though.