Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Nature's Journey Finish

Yay!  As of last night the last seam was sewn and pressed. Had to wait for outside to dry out after last nights storm ... a nice drop of 16mm.

I thought I would have a new dishcloth to share ...

but I wasn't happy with my casting on and then when I made a 2nd mistake in the pattern ... I pulled it out and started again ... still with red. A new cast on method (happy this time) but lack of concentration and another mistake so ...

Pulled it out again, put the red ball away and made a fresh start ... different colour ... different pattern.

Looking forward to a visit with this little munchkin again soon xx



  1. Mistakes always happen when I bet next time you pick up the will grow really quickly. xox

  2. Your nature's journey looks amazing I love the orangutan border it frames it beautifully.
    Well done on a great finish
    Enjoy you grandee time!

  3. Love your Nj, they are all so beautiful and different. Hope the blue works out better for you.

  4. Your NJ is beautiful!! Well done on the finish - I am enjoying seeing the variety of them around at the moment. Have fun with the munchkin :-)

  5. Hello Narelle,

    Congrats on your finished quilt, it looks amazing. Red cars go faster so maybe wool is the same. Have fun with the little one. I agree they are the best things on earth.

    Happy days.

  6. Hi Narelle, oh I send you a Big Congrats Hug & Smile, your NJ has turned out so gorgeous, well done... I hope you're happy with how it turned out.

  7. love love love your natures journey.... i'm sure you had a great time with little munchkin...