Sunday, 11 October 2015

Time to Touch Base

Another week flown by...hard to believe it's already been 5 weeks since the wedding and 4 weeks since attending the Stitchers Dream Day Out.

Last weekend was spent with this adorable little man ... perfect weather to break out the sand pit.

Friday morning the Equine Stork delivered this little girl ... like mother, like daughter.

Last night I stitched the last flower in my sweet bunnies from Day 1 at SDDO ... now to make them up before Spring is over.

I realized I never got back to sharing my Day 2 where I shared a double table (the naughty table) with a group of lovely friends old and new. Another amazing day spent stitching, chatting, yummy food and coffee ... all too soon it was time to make the 4 hour drive home :(

This was the example of my lovely project the second day, so now I can pick it up where I left off. Love working with the purples.

Wishing you a stitchy week     >^..^<


  1. Your grand baby is definitely growing, love those little chubby arms and legs, reminds me of my boys when they were little.
    Such a cute foal too.
    Lovely projects from your stitch in. Hope you get them done soon.

  2. Hi Narelle you sure have had a busy time my friend,your grandies is a cutie xx

  3. how lovely to spend time with the munchkin and the new foal is gorgeous... you have done well with your project stitching...

  4. What a cutie...very busy there! Your new foal,is beautiful. I bet you had fun on that naughty table lol! Lovely stitching xx