Sunday, 18 October 2015

FNSI ... I Made IT

Yes, not only did I sign up at the beginning of the week ... I managed to Sew In on Friday Night! Thank you Wendy for hosting ... always a pleasure to join in :)

It all began with a Lap War, as it does most evenings when I finally get to sit down on the lounge.

Not really a war as Fleur (feline) always curls up beside me and Millie (canine) ... well you can see for yourself.

Oh and of course my first hour of FNSI was knitting. Happy to say that this time round with smaller needles and a different pattern, the red wool is so much more cooperative.

Time for a little stitching then before wrapping up for the evening. My second project from October weekend away at SDDO.

Finished off the second outline on the 'E' and 'A' last night and a few more rows of knitting.

Happy Weekend    >^..^<


  1. Nicely done! Way more done than at my place and I don't even have the excuse of sleeping dogs in the way! chair 'fights' are hilarious here because they are both bigger dogs and both want prime position on my lap!!

  2. You should get extra brownie points for sewing under duress lol! They are too cute! Love your stitching x

  3. How fun to have cuddles while you are stitching and knitting! The tea slogan is pretty. I can't tell what you are knitting though.

  4. Hi Narelle,lol how funny,what characters they are,i love the colour of your wool and your stitchery is cute xx

  5. Narelle, that's so funny! Maybe you need
    more laps.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. It's a wonder you can get anything done with your "helpers".....they are very cute.

  7. Haha how your fur babies wars! It would be tricky getting stuff done but so glad you joined us and managed two projects....woohoo...that's a bonus! Xox