Sunday, 12 March 2017

Not Today

Hot ... dry ... no inspiration for sewing.

Forecast says maybe a couple inches at the end of the week ... that will be a nice change ... if it happens.

EDIT:  Even that has been reduced. On the plus side just read that our local council is one of 7 more added to the Drought Declared list.


  1. Looks the same here...... Not good at all......
    Reason forecast early in the week..... Not holding much hope but we will see what happens.......

  2. Great you all have drought declarations.... They don't use those words here anymore which is not good as people understand what a drought is.......

  3. Like so many waiting for decent rain. really tired of the never ending above average temps.

  4. so sad to see the land so dry... I hope you get soem of the rain that seems to be around...

  5. Will the heat and the dry ever end? Here's to hoping for rain... xx

  6. Wow Narelle, that's looking really dry - so dry that you really need a slow rain for it to be able to soak in! How are you guys doing for water? Your on average / farm aren't you? How's that going??