Monday, 27 March 2017

What a Difference!

What a difference some nice rain can make. From worrying about water for the livestock, to a beautiful reflection in the water's surface. Grass is starting to come through so the cattle can get a reasonable mouthful.

Now sitting here, torn between worry for those in the path of Cyclone Debbie and hoping she brings some good rain our way to run the creeks, fill the waterholes and top the dams. Stay safe xx

As March comes to the end, I have met 2 deadlines. First is my stitchery block

Calendar Bears by Michelle Ridgeway

Next is a placemat/coaster set for my 1 Xmas Item ... straight to the giftbox.

March has been filled with visits to and from loved ones, special moments and cuddles with our grandsons, and a welcome to a sweet baby girl (niece). Throw in a few birthdays and this month has flashed by.

Next on my to do list :-  bind Little P's Farm


  1. Amazing what some showers can do. Its a bit scary up north...praying everyone stays safe. Good work on your stitchery xx

  2. March has certainly been an eventful month

  3. oh yeah....lucky you.......still nothing here.......hope you get more rain out the the end of the cyclone......

  4. It always amazes me how quickly the farm greens up after the rain - hopefully you will get some nice follow up rain. Your stitchery is very cute. It sounds like you have had a busy month.

  5. Hi Narelle ,so glad you have had rain and lovely work my friend.

  6. Time is flying by. so glad of the rain and we are also wondering if we will have some wet after effects of the cyclone. I love your bear stitchery and your mugrug/coaster.