Monday, 28 August 2017

August All But Gone

Just like my rose garden ...

There's only so much water one can share with the livestock as once again the rain didn't "Tumble Down in July" or for that matter any other month either.  So the rose garden has been let go, rose bushes gave up, grass encroached and the edging has been removed. The part of the garden I am trying to keep going has had a long needed pruning and a drink.

The bush on the right has a pigeon nesting deep in the middle so it can wait until she raises her babies.

Anything sewing or stitching related has also gone by the wayside this month ... no progress what-so-ever to share ... so I'm going to have to double my efforts for September, aren't I?

Till Spring has sprung (next month)


  1. yes I feel your rain.........i've lots quite a bit in the garden.........with the heat of summer and no rain and now no extra dam water for the garden except emergencies..........also the bore water has not been pumping like it should have so not much extra there for anything either.........its sad when we lose our gardens or parts of it just because it won't FF(%$(**(%$ing rain...........its bad enough dealing with everything else going on when its a drought but the garden hurts even more then as that precious green oasis is what we desperately need to feel sane.........sending hugs.......and a virtual bunch of roses.....

  2. How awful that there is no rain again... it goes in such cycles, doesn't it. Wish in this day and age we could figure out a way to distribute the water a bit more evenly from the flooded areas to drought.. but no one wants to spend the money... hang in there and hope rain comes soon...xx

  3. oh no.... hoping for rain soon for you.... xx

  4. Hi Narelle,oh boy I hope you get rain soon my friend,so sad to see your garden dying sending you big hugs xx