Friday, 15 September 2017

FNSI and Some Catch Up

Continuing on with getting back into the swing of sewing, I'm joining in with Wendy and friends over HERE for FNSI.

DD is visiting and brought her knitting, I'll be stitching on my August block for A Holly Jolly Christmas. I finished the machine applique for both August and September last weekend.

Leave a draw open for a moment and someone is quick to move in.

August Calendar Bear is tucked away with her friends, if only I needed my umbrella more often.

So, what do you do when sewing time becomes harder to find and you're trying to play catch up on current projects and sew-a-longs? ... Join another group of course. I couldn't help myself and when my best friend had this book sitting on her shelf

I  started thinking of some black/white fat quarters I have been collecting and asked to join with the No Fuss Stitch-a-long HERE.

Not sure if its the best colourway to go with but I'm keen to have a play and see.

Off to mop the floors and see to tonights dinner so I can stitch guilt free.


  1. Black and white is a great colourway, it will look very classy and fab. See you tonight for stitching, off to look at the stitch-along, thanks :)

  2. Loving your Holly Cottage blocks and August is great too. Yes it is so dry everywhere...a few drops or in your case a lot would be lovely. Enjoy your new project xx

  3. Hi Narelle i also love your black and white colourway ,you are doing so well with your blocks,love your cute bear and how cute is your fur baby,lol xx

  4. Awwwww cute kitty!!!! The teddy is cute too :) xx

  5. lovely blocks.... and yay for getting in a new group - I have done the same even though I have enough to do. I think black and white will be so striking. I remember you saying you wanted to do one.

  6. Group projects are so enticing - I think the black and white will be great - I know another one doing black and white so it will be interesting to compare.

  7. Some wonderful projects you've got going, there! It would be interesting to see the Ruth's quilt in black and white - looking forward to following your progress! Hmmm... tempted to join the stitch-along... the book has been on my shelf for a very long time...

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