Sunday, 17 September 2017

FNSI and Sunday Stitching

Thanks to all the lovely friends who join in for a Friday night of sewing, I was able to finish the embroidery on my August block for A.H.C.C.

Then last night I traced the stitchery on the September block and enjoyed a Sunday Stitch In today ... officially caught up on this Stitch-a-long, yay!

Thank you for your lovely company ... always an enjoyable evening knowing friends all over are sewing/stitching too xx


  1. Your blocks are very pretty. What a great feeling to be caught up on a stitch-a-long! Most times I find I'm catching up but never quite make it 100%. Hahaha! Good job!!!

  2. Wow great work Narelle... great to see your blocks together... it's such a great design

  3. Great progress. Your quilt is coming together and looking lovely! It will be Christmas soon...

  4. Great work Narelle. Your blocks are looking so lovely together xx