Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy Sewing Year

I am starting 2018 the same way I finished 2017 ... happily sewing.  Yesterday when going through my stash for sashings,  I couldn't find a second purple fabric that I was happy with for May and November. Then this morning I remembered I still had some of my dyed fabrics from way back when. The winner was number 60.

Never when I closed the lid on my finished blocks did I ever imagine they would be spending New Years Day 2018 together.

I even have the perfect place for them on our loungeroom wall ... so considering their current size and I quite like them as is, I'm thinking of just quilting and binding without another border?

May 2018 be your year.


  1. Looks great....I knew you could do it.....

  2. Wowsers Narelle! The Bears will be pleased lol! Great job xx

  3. The bears are gorgeous. Love them. Hugs, xx

  4. Looking great and ready for the year ahead

  5. Beautiful stitching there Narelle... happy 2018 to you!

  6. Lovely way to end the year! Happy New Year!!! xx