Thursday, 11 January 2018

What Have I Started?

Or perhaps the question is more "what path have ChookyFiona and Jeanette set me on?"  These lovely ladies have been blogging about their super progress on UFO's and as I had already been thinking of at least getting my UFO's to the finished flimsy stage, this was the push I needed.

Now I don't have a designated 'sewing space' as such ... it's more like a stash in this spare bedroom and a stash in the other spare bedroom ... and then there's the stash in the front (dumping area for anything that doesn't have a home) room.  So I'm sure there is still more to find but I've already chosen 2 quilts to work on.

The first and least work required was a mystery quilt using 1 plain jelly roll and 1 print jelly roll.  All I need to do is finish the border and have already been playing with this this morning and found fabrics to cut strips from.

It was begun in a workshop and I found progress pics in my WISPs tab up there at the top of my blog ... will have to dig deep to find it's birth year. At what point does a wisp become a ufo?

Second quilt is "Because I Said So" by Therese Hylton .  February 2012 was when I finished the last block and was ready to join all the blocks and add the borders. I have never even had it all laid out to photograph although I do have pics of each block in the BISS BOM tab also at the top of my blog. (Time to clean out the tabs too)

I've been working on this one today and have it in 4 large pieces now. First pic ever ... I still love it so why did I never get back to it?

Other finished quilts waiting to be quilting are shown in ... yes ... another tab up there at the top ... funnily enough named 'Awaiting Quilting'.  If I haven't bored you enough by now then you might like to take a glimpse in the UFO's tab ... too many projects to show pics here ... in fact this exercise of baring all the projects I have hidden away unfinished is quite daunting and a little, even a lot scary.

Who else is game to bare the deepest corner of their unfinished projects?


  1. Lovely flimsy tops Narelle. Everyone seems to have the finishing bug this year xx

  2. Ah UFOs... I am about to post my goals for the year... :) I at least managed to get under 200 last year... :) Both those quilts are lovely, and will be great to get finished! You go girl!! xx

  3. They have set a great challenge..... good luck...both quilts will be lovely when finished.

  4. I think it's just that time of year when we try to get things a little more organised and finished up - good luck with all your UFOs this year xo

  5. Good on you Narelle. Love the flimsies you have chosen to work on. Hugs,xx

  6. Hi Narelle what a great idea and a great challenge,good luck my friend xx

  7. Oh so glad to see them all out and a page for UFO's and a separate one for flimsies is a good idea... think I will do that too.... You have a lovely assortment of projects - are you doing 10mins a day with Chooky and you will make a lot of progress

  8. it easier when you have a spot to leave stuff setup but still you can make the most of each situation...........