Saturday, 1 September 2007

The Home Straight

Finally I can see the finish line for the kaleidoscope quilts. One 36" x 42" is 99.9% completed. One 18" x 46" completed and one 18" x 46" half basted. The small one won't take long to quilt and the binding is a breeze. My next blog I will be able to post photos of them hanging in our local gallery as part of a combined quilters exhibition.
Our small group of quilters held a workshop in June and the time has now come to exhibit our hard work.
The last week has been very eventful. With all the lovely rain we received, the grass has greened up beautifully and the daisies are open in time for the arrival of spring. Hubby is grounded at the present time with the Standstill on horses so he has been getting those jobs done around the house that often get put off.
I had a lovely day Thursday when my two best friends and fellow quilters arrived for the day.
After a quick cuppa, it was needles and threads at the go till lunch. Then back to the sewing. Of course plenty of chatting as we worked. We had tried to plan this day a couple of times previously but something always came up at the last minute to postpone it.
The quilt pictured is my first flannel quilt. I purchased the fabric at a closing down sale with the intention of making it up 'one day'. However, I liked the feel of it so much that all other projects were put on hold while I designed it and made it up. The border fabric was pre-cut into strips so my design started from the outside in to use the full strips. I've now benn able to snuggled under this quilt for two winters.
I've also included another one of my mothers' quilts. The patchwork and quilting is 100% hand sewn. Each butterfly flower block was quilt as you go and joined to the next with the floral sashing. She also made the valance around the bottom.

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  1. YOu had listed this as your fav quilt on Amy's blog and sent the link so I had to check it out :) The flannel is just beautiful and looks so inviting! Your mothers quilt is beautiful! The valance at the border gives it just the right finishing touch!