Saturday, 15 September 2007

Enjoying Spring

I decided last Sunday to take my camera and go for a walk around the garden. It was such a beautiful Spring day. Clear blue sky, everything is green and fresh, a gentle breeze, perfect. Flowers are blooming here and there and yes, the roses have many buds ready to burst. Hopefully I can include some photos of roses in my next blog.
While I was out the chickens were out having a pick. This is Anthony the rooster and Snow (short for Snow white). My other hen Ella (short for Cinderella) is busy sitting on eggs at the moment.
I had not long ago weeded this particular garden bed and need to mulch it as soon as possible. I have yellow, orange and pink daisies and another colour yet to flower. It will be a surprise. I have my lovely Mother to thank for many of the cuttings in my garden.
The hibiscus was pruned heavily early in the year and is looking magnificent covered in blooms now.
This poor geranium was determined to let me know that it was there amongst the grass and weeds. This is a section of the garden I still need to get to. The recent rains have made everything grow.
Bougainvilleas always put on a bright show.
We had our opening on Wednesday which went very well. But then I had a thought of what am I going to work on now. As well as completing a half made shabby bag for a gift, I've decided that I am going to finish my king size bed quilt which has been on the go for 2+ years. All these other projects keep popping up demanding my attention. But I am determined that the bed quilt will be the next completed item. Then do I finish something else or start a new project? We'll see.

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