Saturday, 1 December 2007

Shopping Day

Friday 23rd November, 5 ladies from our Quilters group jumped in the car and headed off for a day of shopping in Patchwork Shops of course. As well as 5 shops, 2 shops having and second location, making a total of 7 shops visited, we also managed a coffee shop, lunch and a chemist. The sun had set a while by the time we got home but we got value for distance travelled.

I had a project in mind and managed to purchase almost enough fabrics plus a thread box. This leaves me with a new shopping list for the next time I can get away to the fabric shops again.
I didn't think to take the pattern with me, just the requirements of 4 cream/yellow fabrics and 12 other prints. When I got home and lined the fabrics up, I took out 2 from the top row, moved the 2 cream fabrics to the top row and now need two more fabrics to make up the 12.

The house fabric I just liked and the thread box I have filled already. One of the yellow fabrics from above has already been used as a backing.
Yesterday we adventured into the world of Free Motion Quilting. I had a ball and am eager to do some more practice. I have a quilt sandwiched and awaiting my new, um, skills? We'll see.

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