Sunday, 23 December 2007

Merry Christmas

My side of the family had an early start to the Christmas Festivities. As our families grow we seem to become wider spread so we decided to all get together and celebrate Christmas last weekend. After breakfast it was time for exchanging gifts. A few months earlier we draw names out of the hat and buy for that person. Secret Santa style. Lunch was steak on the BBQ, boiled spuds, corn on the cob and curried prawns to name a small selection of the menu. We cracked bon bons, told jokes and wore our pper hats, followed by the period of inactivity due to full tummies. Its a lovely day when we can all get together.

I have still had time for some sewing and made this Bolster Cushion for a gift. I've had the pattern picked out since early this year so will need to start looking now for next years gift.
I am also determined to complete the top for a queen size bed quilt that started out for my bed but now I've decided it will look much nicer in my daughters room. That means I can look for a pattern for my bed now.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS with peace, health, time spent with loved ones and a joyful NEW YEAR.

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