Friday, 14 December 2007

Whose New in the Hen House

I while back I mentioned that one of my silky hens was sitting on eggs. I've finally been able to get a reasonable photo of the two chicks. They're loosing that fluffy look now and love to get out and pick. Mum is the same colour but was too busy chasing insects to stop for a photo.

I also have three new additions to the hen house. 'Normal' size hens this time. That makes five hens, two chicks and one rooster. And I collected five eggs this afternoon, not bad. Fingers crossed that the chicks are also hens.
Once again the rain seems to have gone around us this afternoon. I knew I should have left the washing on the line. We did have just over an inch of rain Monday night which greened the grass up a bit and was much appreciated. Keeps the garden watered for me.

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