Monday, 4 February 2008

Gardening Time

Over the long weekend I allowed some pruning to be done in the garden. It's amazing just how much things can grow in twelve months, expecially after the lovely wet summer we've been having. Several ute loads later we can once again look over the garden and I've also found a couple of plants that had disappeared into the overgrowth.

I seem to be having a bit of trouble loading photos so the before and after pics will have to wait.

This past weekend I was able to weed the rose bed and tidy a couple of spots that were missed last weekend.

I completely forgot to include my chicken news in previous blogs. My little white hen 'Snow' has been sitting on a couple of eggs. She now has the sweetest little cream coloured chicken under her wings. I don't think the other egg was fertile as she has now cast it out from the nest.

I have had good intentions of getting the border on the 4 and 9 patch quilt today but seem to be dragging my boots. Just haven't had the urge to sew, so I keep doing other jobs and sewing a strip now and then. I will have the top complete before going to bed tonight as I want to get some wadding tomorrow in town and get it sandwiched and basted before next patchwork day.
I have a recipient in mind and will need it finished by mid March so fingers crossed.

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