Sunday, 10 February 2008

Need Help Adding Images

HELP! I'm hoping there is someone who can help me out with a problem I'm having adding images to my blogs. When I click on the 'Add Image' icon, nothing is happening. I'm afraid I only know enough to get myself into trouble with these things. Obviously I've done something to disable this feature and now I can't find how to undo it. Of course there is always the excuse that my computer did it.

I'm tempted to just start a whole new blog and not mess about with the settings next time but if someone can give me a helping hand, I'd like to sort it out.

On the news front, patchwork has been almost non existant in this household. I did get the border on the 4 and 9 patch and purchased the wadding for it. Now to sandwich, baste and get quilting.

We've had quite an eventful weekend so far. Yesterday it was time to milk the new milking cow. Her calf is now old enough for us to share her with. Her name is Barbie and with a little persuasion, she finally stood in the bale and allowed hubby to milk her. Luckily she has a lovely quiet nature.

On a sad note, we had an accident with a couple of young dogs being out of the kennel at the same time as the chickens were out. Ella the brown silky hen wasn't so lucky so now we are one less hen in the henhouse.

On a happy note, this morning another of our dogs had started to whelp. We are at present on the count of three newborn pups. That's life on a farm.

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