Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Saturday Catch-up

I seem to be making a habit of playing catch-up.

Below are two cross stitches that I did for my son and daughter...not before I had already done 7 for friends and family on the birth of their children. The nice thing though was that my two had a say in the design of their cross stitch. They helped choose which pictures were added to their Birth Record as I planned each design out on graph paper.
I have managed to play with fabric this week ... little yo-yo's for a secret project.

One stitchery completed and my next Brutus stitchery is almost ready to share. Maybe when I can grab another spare minute in the day?
Don't forget to try and find some 'me' time in your week ... I know ... it can seem almost impossible at times. What do you do for 'me' time?


  1. Glad you have caught up! As long as you get there in the end.
    Lovely cross stitches!
    Those are teeny yo yos.
    Me time is stitching and sewing time or even just taking the dogs for a run. I try to find some each day, sometimes unsuccessfully.

  2. thanks for sharing all your beautiful cross stitches...........