Friday, 26 November 2010

When Things All Fall Into Place

Ever have one of those times when everything just seems to fall into place? They don't happen often enough but lucily for me it did for me.

The rain stopped and the sun tried to shine ... the road was JUST passable ... and I was able to make it into town to enjoy one of these! (also had to keep the chemist in business - nasty bugs keep hanging on)

So what's great about that you ask? ... I had the absolute pleasure of sharing time with Robyn of Daisy Quilts. Thanks Robyn ... it was wonderful to meet up with you ... I could have kept chatting all day. :o)

Now this week has been rolling along gathering speed. No time for flowers on Wednesday, I've been busy sewing costumes for school concert which is only a week away.

Still stitching at night and Brutus and the Sisters have now joined the other finished blocks (just as soon as I give them a press)

Some other stitching has also been happening. Myself and 3 friends in our local patchwork group are taking part in Helen's 'Stitching Round the Block'. As we only meet once a month, that is when we'll swap our pieces around, so next Wednesday will be our first swap. Here's a sneak peak at my colour choice.

Today is also Silver Friday so I hope to post later on with some silver pictures ... how can I take a picture of my camera ... with my camera?


  1. Round Robin looks lovely in those colours too. Looking forward to next week!

  2. Your Brutus block looks lovely finished. Glad the rain let you get out for a lovely catch up. We had heaps of rain down here today! Had to wait over 1/2 an hour so that I could get out to the car to go home after work.
    Your SRTB looks fantastic. I like the colours you have used.

  3. Lovely stichery Narelle... 8-)

  4. Oh your stitches are so gorgeous! and oh, can't wait till the day we all meet in person!