Wednesday, 2 March 2011


No excuse now ... I managed to track down some more of the green for my leaf hexies ... phew!
So now I can finish off my hexie table topper and get to the quilting part.

I've been cleaning out one of my craft cupboards which holds lots of craft "stuff" from before I began patchwork and quilting ... and I found these crochet hexagons. No idea where they've come from or who made them but they were in a bag with balls of wool.

Another item that I have no recollection of ... 1" hexie template and the fussy cut template with clear plastic in the centre.

A few other UFO's came out of hiding as well ... I'll share those tomorrow for UFO Thursday.
I hope this horrible Aussie heat isn't affecting too many gardens.


  1. Its fun finding things you had forgotten. Love the crochet hexies.

  2. You will have to finish the crochet hexies and make sonething with them they look good. I put things away and forget about them to.It;s good fun when you find things that you have forgotten about .
    Hugs Mary.

  3. Glad to see the fabric has arrived. BTW at the Patchwork Angel last Friday I saw packs of 1000 heaxagon papers down to 1/4 inch in size. Are you interested in some?

  4. what lovely crocheted Hexies!
    what fun finding lost treasures.
    Roll on the UFO's tomorrow.
    Hope you don't send that heat down south, I even had to wear a light jumper today. I love the cooler weather.

  5. That's a handy tool! I love the clear middle so you can truly see what you are cutting around.

  6. Phew about the fabric for sure! The crocheted hexagons are lovely and excellent templates. This will keep you busy for a bit!

  7. Happily you found more fabric, your topper is lovely.

  8. What Aussie heat would that be ? It feels like it's freezing down here in Geelong. At the moment it's 14 degrees, a winter temp !
    Love the clear centred template. Is that how people do their fussy cutting. Do you remember where you bought it ?

  9. Oh, I can't wait to get to the quilting stage. Glad you found something that'll get you closer! I love the crocheted hexagons. I used to crochet a lot....but that was BEFORE quilting. Now quilting (and some embroidery) is about all I have time for.

  10. Ohhhhhhh just the thought of someone else having so many UFOs in their hiddie holes..Im having a giggle about you and thinking I should be getting some of my UFOs done....I have enough to open a digging them out and finding new things you dont even remember starting...