Friday, 27 May 2011

Colourful Friday ~ Sunsets

Colourful Friday is back to warm your cold wintery days or breeze through a warm summer one.

Our host Robyn at Daisy Quilts will have links to much more colour if you'd like to take a look.

I just had to share 2 sunset photos. The first is taken towards the East with the full moon rising and the pink warning of a cold day to follow the night.

My second photo is taken towards the West. I love how the sun's final rays mix with the clouds.

Thanks Robyn ... hope your Friday is full of colour.


  1. lovely pictures.....this time of year brings some stunners...

  2. Just BeAuTiFuL Narelle! well done!

  3. The blue and pink is beautiful with the moon already there. I think the sunrays are beautiful through the clouds.

  4. beautiful pictures. The colours of the sunset are amazing.

  5. Oh Narelle, hello and such beautiful photos... nothing like a country sunset either... simply exquisite!!
    Love your descriptions too.
    Hugs to you my friend :-) xx

  6. Beautiful photos. Love the idea of a pic in both directions. Definitely need something to warm these days!

  7. Love the "fire" in the second, and I would love to take an hour to search thru my hard drive as i have one SO similar to your first!!(But I'm sure not as cute!) Great minds? Tracey

  8. Great photos. Love the East and West views. The moon looks amazing.