Thursday, 19 May 2011

Flowers in the Mail

Look what I found growing in my mailbox.

Geniene was most generous and sent extra blooms after she'd had a mishap with her hexie flowers. A funny story involving a load of washing although I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time.
Thankyou so much Geniene. They go perfectly in my garden and the butterfly centre is a special treat.

Yesterday was my local patchwork day and oh boy did my elbow give me curry last night from stitching this block. The deep heat was also good for the sinus :)

Try as I might my UFO's remain as is. I have laid one out on a bed ready to work on so just maybe I'll have some progress to share soon.


  1. I love that saying.
    Sad when you hear your mother's words coming out of your mouth isn't it?
    Your new flowers are lovely!

  2. That's funny, she said it, I say it...sigh!!
    Very cute hexes!

  3. I wish my mailbox had flowers as pretty as yours growing from it!
    Sorry to hear about your sore elbow! Mine is a thumb... so I know what a nuisance it can be! Keep smiling! :)

  4. Beautiful flowers from Geniene.

  5. Must be something in that Mt Perry kettle, I had bursitis start in my left knee yesterday afternoon.

  6. Hello Narelle,

    Lovely hexie's so kind of Geniene to send them to you. Love the saying in the stitchery. Hope the deep heat has worked a treat.
    Happy days.