Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Week In A Blurrr!

How can one week go so fast?  Bright and early Tuesday morning hubby drove me a half hour up to the main road to meet my friend Margaret and we proceeded another half hour to meet up with another friend Di. Then after another hours drive we arrived at our destination for a Dye Painting Workshop.

While we waited for the kettle to boil I ducked up to the Post Office and sent these golden pretties on their way to Meg in WA for our FRIENDS Swap.

Under the instructions of  our tutor Ruth we drew our design, chose our colours and started painting. Leaf by leaf my design grew until .........

it was ready to fill in the background. We had to keep placing pieces of plastic over the painted areas to keep the dye moist.

Waiting ... waiting ... until Thursday when I could wash it out and hey presto!

Next step is lots and lots of quilting with different coloured threads to enhance and embelish .... hmmm .... where do I start?

Thankyou Ruth. It was a very enjoyable workshop!


  1. Oh Narelle this looks like a lot of fun,well done,and i cant wait to see what goodies you sent,have a great weekend.

  2. your friends parcels look so beautifully wrapped!
    an interesting workshop, your finished piece looks lovely.
    Can't wait to see it embellished.

  3. Well done! It looks great already!

  4. Glad to see it's not a piece of white fabric still. Can't wait to see it. Thank you for being a great student. Hope you enjoyed Wed as well.

  5. That is so beautiful. Can't wait to see how you quilt it.