Thursday, 23 February 2012

Made It to Patchwork Day

Finally after way back in early December last year, I've made it into our little groups' Patchwork Day.
We meet once a month and when January's date rolled around the sky opened up, creeks flooded and I had to stay home.

Monday afternoon our unstable weather produced yet another storm and once more Patchwork Day was looking grim and Tuesday wasn't looking much better. Being positive I packed my sewing things together and my lovely neighbour and I arranged to meet bright and early Wednesday morning all going well (dry) and give it a go.

Hooray!  We made it there and back and enjoyed a beautiful day of sewing, chatting and beautiful show and tell which you can see over at Mt Perry Quilters. 

First I cut 100 x 2" squares ready for a Postage Stamp Quilt and finished sewing them into pairs last night. The other 2 piles of pairs are from swap friends for the 2012 Charm Swap and Challenge.

Then I started blanket stitching on my next Red Delicious block. I had been trying to buy more backing fabric and couldn't match the material so ..... I bought 2 fat 1/4's of ivory and died them. 1 with tea and the other with coffee and the coffee one came out the closest to the original fabric so I'm using that one.

How are your Christmas Items going for this month? Are you like me and hoping you will have a finish for the 25th? If my post is a little late that day you'll know I am still busy stitching and if you finish your item a few days after the 25th that's ok too. Remember there is no pressure here ... just pleasure at the end of the year.


  1. Did you get the big storm on Tuesday afternoon?

    Still waiting for my new glasses so no sewing as yet :(

  2. gee Narelle you certainly have been busy.xx

  3. Hooray for you getting to patchwork group! Well done.
    2" squares look interesting.
    I think I may get there for the christmas item this month! Gotta be happy about that.

  4. All looking so fantastic. I just visited Mt Perry Quilters - been a busy group. I haven't even looked at anything Christmassy - but hopefully for next month. Take care

  5. Glad you finally had another Patchwork Day. Gee, the weather in Australia has certainly changed during the last decades.
    Can't wait to see your RD finished. It is such a beautiful quilt.