Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A New Month Already?

Not much spare time at the moment now that I'm back to work so I'm thinking my list of goals will shorten and maybe I'll achieve some extras now and then. I almost tackled January's list so here's a wrap up.

Month 10 ~ BISS BOM
Complete ‘Stitching Around the Block'
Work on Queen Bed Quilt ~ UFO
Quilt and bind Brothers’ Quilt – (quilting half done)
Prepare next Red Delicious block - (need to purchase more backing fabric)
1 Xmas Item – 3 Plum Puddings
Find fabric for ‘Calendar Quilt’ sashings

Here's a couple of extras I managed while the tennis was on.
First block for 'Tis The Season'
Finished stitching month 11 of BISS BOM
Completed BAS (Tax)

and now onto ........

Complete Month 11 ~ BISS BOM
Complete brother's quilt
1 Xmas Item
Work on a UFO ~ Calendar Quilt
Tis The Season Block
Find backing fabric and prepare next Red Delicious block

Now I'm off to put the next load of washing in and do my floors so that I can squeeze in some sewing this afternoon ... also need to trace another embroidery ready for some night time stitching.

Happy February


  1. whow Narelle,you did well,you acheived quite a lot,well done.xx

  2. Wow you did fit in alot of things this month. cant believe we are already at Feburary of to make my list now.

  3. You've fit in a lot last month!! ... Looks like a good, 'healthy', lol, plan for this month!! Best Wishes!!

  4. Hello Narelle,

    Congrats on your January finishes, hard to believe it is February already. Good luck with this months list. Hope you get to sew this afternoon.
    Happy days.

  5. Well ! I am pooped just reading about all the things you have done and those you intend to do .
    Hugs Laurie

  6. Well done! Work has dampened my enthusiasm too, I am just too tired. When are the next holidays?

  7. Washing, floors.. it never ends does it...when all we want to do is sew! Eating too is sooo over rated! :)