Wednesday, 7 March 2012

March Goals

With February already a week behind me I'm only just getting around to checking of my list of goals. Some horrible bug had be me feeling miserable for more than a few days but hopefully it's gone now.
Surprisingly I was able to cross off everything on my February list and even made a small start on the RD block and another TTS block.
Complete Month 11 ~ BISS BOM
Complete brother's quilt
1 Xmas Item
Work on a UFO ~ Calendar Quilt
Tis The Season Block
Find backing fabric and prepare next Red Delicious block
My secret is making short lists of things I am fairly sure of achieving and any extras are a bonus. Helps me to keep focused and not get dis-heartened when time runs short.
Month 12 ~ BISS BOM
(Work on 2" squares border)
1 Xmas Item
Tis The Season
Pin Cushion
Work on UFO ~ Horse Quilt
Last month I placed an order for my 2011 Blog Book and it arrived last week ... full of lovely memories. My kids sat down at Christmas and had fun looking through my previous books.

I'm off to work on something from my March list.
Happy Sewing


  1. Lists work well don't they..Narelle!

    I have my blog book printed each new year and isn't it fun looking back thru your own craft year. Wouldn't miss having it done!
    Hope you are feeling better every day! :)

  2. Great job working on your list. Wish I was that organised. What is your blog book?

  3. glad you are feeling better Narelle,lol,you have passed it on to me,sick of my dripping nose,lol.List are a great way of achieving things.xx

  4. Hello Narelle,

    Glad to hear you have kicked the bug out. Good luck with your projects for March. Love the photo you have chosen for the front of your blog book.
    Happy days.

  5. Congratulations on getting through your entire Feburary list!! One of these month's I'll complete mine, lo! ... And can i also ask about your blog book ...? Where did you order it through? And did they put it together from your blog or did you have to organise each page individually?

  6. Glad the bug has left you!
    Applause for your finishes! You did very well last month.

  7. That's great that you could mark everything off your list last month.