Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Little of This and That

Oh to have the life of a cat! 

This is our spare bed at the end of the sewing room which gets glorious warm sunshine in the mornings.

Lately each time I open a storage box I find another UFO ... maybe I should stop opening boxes. This one I have no idea how long since I started but now it's out I'll get it finished. 

The wool is BOA and I think I'll just knit untill I'm happy with the length.

Yesterday I dug out my container of 100 x 2" postage charm squares which I'd already sewn into pairs and finished joining them all together.

Now for the other 2 bundles of 100 squares from a previous swap. I hope to have them all joined before my next 3 bundles arrive.

My plan is to leave each set of 100 as a block and join the blocks with sashing. What colour would you suggest as sashing?

Happy Crafting


  1. What colour goes with a scrappy quilt? It's always hard to choose. I think a lighter colour will brighten the scraps, and maybe something with a small pattern instead of plain. Good luck choosing, and good on you for just getting it done! Your cats have the right idea.

  2. Lol - your sewing room sounds like mine.....full of cats and hidden UFO's!

  3. lovely post Narelle,gee you could use any plain colour,lol,good luck choosing.xx

  4. With all the colours in the 2inchers... you can use ANY colour really. What will suit better where it's going to sit perhaps? But I think a deep plain fabric for a warm look... but white/light will make it summery! So I'm really NO help am!
    Good luck... whatever you pick will be fantastic I'm sure! :)