Friday, 25 May 2012

1 Xmas Item and Scraps

Phew!  Just squeezing in between getting home from work and having dinner which is in the oven as I type. Hot off the knitting needles (finished last night while watching "Grays Anatomy") is my first knitted dishcloth ... 'Love'.

My first non-scarf finish and I had to learn how to un-knit and un-pearl when I skipped a row as it would have thrown the pattern out.  In the beginning I was doing something wrong and pulled the first 1/3 out because it just wasn't looking right. So out came my handcraft encyclopedia for a quick refresher on the purl stitch ... much happier with the second try.

Tomorrow I'll pop round and visit all the happy little elves to see what you've been creating this month. Remember your Christmas Items can be for yourself to use or a gift to be given and if you ran out of time this month ... there's always next month ... no stress here :)

Yesterday I even managed to turn the sewing machine on and do some sewing ... 100 little charm squares all into a block. These were the first set I received in the first swap (February?) and I have one more set before I can start on the 3 sets I received in this month's swap. Amazing how they all come together.

The rain has been falling softly all day so looks like it could be perfect for staying indoors over the weekend and sewing till my hearts content. Hope everyone can squeeze in a little or a lot of sewing too!


  1. rain has been pelting down here all day,definatly stitching weather,sorry though no xmas finishes i have been too busy with swap stuff.xx

  2. Can you believe that of Shez??? Swaps? what swaps? lol !

    You had a great finish for this month... with plenty of time to spare!
    It's very chilly here as well... so I'll be upstairs sewing away too... see you there! :)

  3. Great dish cloth, such a cute idea to create a word. I get lots of practice at un-knitting and un-purling, so much so sometimes I forget how to knit the right way round.

  4. Love the dishcloth and your charm squares are just delightful , fun project .

  5. Great dishcloth. Enjoy your stitching weekend.

  6. great dishcloth... I have only managed plain squares... I love the LOVE.... and the patches look great together... I haven't managed a Christmas item this month... first time I think I haven't!!! tut tut...

  7. Even those dirty dishes need a little love. Nice work.
    What a lovely collection of charm squares.
    I am a little late but managed some items for Christmas this month.

  8. I've only just started up knitting again (last time was when I was 10!) and am enjoying the dishcloths. I know all about 'unknitting' rows and I had to watch a few tutorials on changing from plain to purl, slipping a stitch and casting on and off - the internet is a handy gadget!

    Cheers - Joolz