Thursday, 24 May 2012

Weekly Catch-up

Oh boy, do those days fly by!  I finished another TTS block ... 'Chilly Penguin' ... an appropriate block by the look of the weather forcast for the weekend :(

I've also stitched the wreath block to use as the label for the back of the quilt.

At the moment I'm enjoying a spell of knitting ... must be the cooler weather.  After finishing the collar scarf I've been working on another UFO scarf as well as knitting a dish cloth for my 1 Xmas Item this month (I'll be back tomorrow, fingers crossed, with the finished item).  I love those ruffle scarves and just have to buy more wool in different colours. Also next on my knitting agenda is an attempt at socks. I thought I better shout myself to a nice knitting bag to hold all these projects :)

Another spur of the moment purchase was an adorable sewing box. I wasn't looking for one but Spotlight had a whole stack of them on sale and as I walked past one particular one jumped up and said that I just must take it home with me.  Of course how could I not! It was the only one of this design and I also got to use my birthday discount to reduce the price even further :)

When I'm lucky to have a day at home I always have a constant companion ... almost to the point of being a pain in the proverbial and I just have to walk away and come back later when the computer is free.

She's here again right now but as yet I have full use of the mouse pad. The balls of wool sitting on the printer are waiting for the socks to begin.

Now it's back to some more knitting and perhaps the sewing machine will get a run today too. Hope you find some time today for a little crafting.


  1. I will think of you knitting and blogging while I enjoy my day off today too. Love your pussy cat.

  2. cute blocks Narelle and lovely buys and how fluffy is your cat,gorgeous.xx

  3. Lovely blocks and those scarves are very popular here as well . Your kitty is just sweet . Hugs Sheila

  4. I think the penguin is my favourite one of the blocks in that quilt...

  5. Love the stitcheries. Can see why you just had to have the sewing box LOL.

    Gave my sewing machine a run (it did cough and heave a wee bit but alas made the distance) have finished my xmas item for this month will post after a dreaded trip to town. Wish me luck!

  6. Great buys and bargins too! And it certainly IS knitting weather isn't it!
    I've blogged my Xmas item so I'm one of the elves again this month! :)