Thursday, 14 June 2012


Oh boy!  June is whizzing past so fast that I nearly missed this one. If you nearly missed it too then rush over to Heidi and sign up quick!

I seem to have so many things going around in my head I don't know what to tackle next and has somebody been pinching minutes and hours out of my days because they seem to be getting shorter?

School holidays very soon so maybe I can slow down a little for a couple of weeks ... maybe?

Happy Friday Night


  1. Hope you have a good night Narelle. Look forward to seeing what you get done.

  2. I'll be stitching too.... maybe we will both sit and stitch .... quietly???

  3. FNSI sneeks up on you when you aren't looking! Where oh where does "time" go. You wake up Monday morning and before you blink it's Friday!
    See you tonight... fingers crossed!

  4. hard to believe we are halfway through the year.xx