Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Photo A Day ~ June

Just for something different I decided to play along in a photo a day challenge for June hosted by Fat Mum Slim.  So far so good I've been keeping up and posting them on facebook with a little catch-up now and then when I'm not home or the internet is out.

Thought I'd share now and then on my blog with a collage of the photos so here are the first 6 days.

Day 1 ~ Morning
Day 2 ~ Empty
Day 3 ~ On My Plate
Day 4 ~ Close-up
Day 5 ~ Sign
(mine is a sign of impending rain)
Day 6 ~ Hat

Sewing is a distant memory at the moment but I have managed a little embroidery last night and I'm off to get those fabrics cut. The workshop is next weekend and I want to be prepared!

Warm Wishes


  1. Love watching photo challenges. Everyone has such different perspectives on each theme. Beautiful morning pic.

  2. Nice pic's and so much fun to be into some other interest too! :)
    I think day 5 is now at MY home! LOL