Friday, 1 June 2012

June Heralds Winter

Today is the first day of Winter here in Oz and my scarves are coming in very handy.  With pen in hand I have written down my list of goals for June which doesn't include any new scarves but I have a feeling there will be one or two :)

****  JUNE  ****

BISS BOM  ~  I'm sure it will happen ... one day :)
TTS  ~  Christmas Angels
One Christmas Item  ~  ?
Cut Fabric for workshop in 2 weeks
Finish Cream UFO Scarf
Work on a UFO  ~  Fishpond
Make a Gift for a Baby Boy

Fiona of BubzRugz shared a lovely collage yesterday of her finishes for May. Great photo and a lovely idea ... I couldn't help myself and had to have a play with my finished projects.

  Warm Wintery Wishes


  1. looks great,i have to see whether Fiona can explain to me how to do a collage,lol.xx

  2. your collage looks great... lots of lovely finishes together.... scarves, socks, wooley slippers all out now...

  3. Good girl! Great finishes and so many! Is it really that cold in Qld that you have to wear a scarve? Hard to imagine for in my memory winters were not really cold but very wet and humid. Anyway you will stay comfy and warm ;-)