Monday, 28 January 2013

Chillin' With Hexies

Update: Thursday 31 - no change
                                   - mobile coverage too slow for photos

Update: Wednesday 30 - power out 9am (pole down)
                                      - roads still cut with flood waters

Update: Tuesday 29 - power back on about 2pm.

Just popping in to say that I will be on a bit of a bloggy break for an unknown, hopefully short time. Today is day 4 of being flooded in and day 2 of no power. We have a generator to power fridges and freezers for periods through the day and I can recharge the laptop and mobile phone but I am being careful about usage. We are safe, just isolated and thinking of those who are have a worrying time ahead.

Thankyou to all the lovely elves who have posted about their 1 Xmas Item for January and left comments ... I promise if I haven't yet visited you or added your photo to the page I will do so as soon as our power is restored.

Now that the rain has stopped I've been sitting on the verandah for some natural light and making a few more hexies. Our new additions think they're keeping me company.

I did give in to temptation and made 2 thread catchers on Saturday while we still had power.  My 'Red Home' arrived just in time in Friday's mail.

Time to save power and go make some more hexies. Might make a start on my February 1 Xmas Item Stitchery too.

Stay safe everyone xx


  1. Glad to know you are safe Narelle. Awww the puppies are so cute. Very nice thread catchers. Hugs,xx.

  2. Hello Narelle,

    Take care, enjoy those puppies, they look so cute. Hope you get power etc back on soon. Happy stitching.

  3. Thinking of you Narelle - hope you get your power back on soon. Just dreadful up there, so stay safe

  4. Just like a pioneering woman....still sewing! I'm sure those little puppies will distract you from the outage and the weather. Hope it's all back on track soon.

  5. Hope your power is restored soon. Stay safe.

  6. Keep safe until the power and sunshine is restored... :)

  7. glad you are safe. It's unbelievable watching the flooding on the news.
    Cute puppies. Are you keeping them all?

  8. Hi Narelle,
    Thinking of my fellow country folk over there in the east, stay safe. Love your companions....guard dogs??
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. thinking of you Narelle,stay safe and warm,love your puppies.xx

  10. Stay safe. I hope everything will be normally soon.

  11. Not much fun. Flooded in is better than flooded out. Glad to see you keeping your spirits up by doing some sewing. Hope you get your power soon.

  12. Keep safe Narelle. Thinking of you all.

  13. Hope everything returns to normal for you soon. Love your hexies and thread catchers and of course those cute puppies!!

  14. glad the power is back on.........and that your safe and dry......cute thread catchers.......