Wednesday, 9 January 2013

FNwF and PhD

Would you believe that the time thief is at it already?  Only the 9th of January and I'm sure someone has removed some days from the calendar.  Getting back to last Friday night I did manage to make a start on some stitching with my friends from FNwF hosted by Cheryll.  To date I have finished 4 of 8 blocks for an online swap.  (Photos when I can work out whatever issue is preventing me from adding photos!)

While I was visiting Cheryll, I read about her PhD's and would like to achieve a couple of these for myself this year.  Check out my "UFO's PhD's" page above for a photographic list of my PhD's and skip over to Cheryll's for more information.

This morning I was having a little tidy up of some sewing and came across 2 more UFO's.  The first is from a dye painting workshop I attended in October 2011.  The second are 6 blocks I achieved from the 'Sew It's Finished' group blog.  Guess I'll add them to the page when I can figure out why I can't add photos to my blog (frustrating!)

I did have more to share but I'll come back later. The temp is starting to soar so time to go stitch in front of the fan. The cats are out on the verandah trying to find the cool spots.

Stay cool and safe today.


  1. I know what you mean about time. I had hoped to have a few things finished by now but have had one grandson this week and my 2 other grandsons next week. Looks like some late night sewing if I want to keep up. Hugs....

  2. the time is flying... keepcool... I like the idea of calling ufo's phd's....

  3. Time is really flying again. I must hurry to get my christmasitem ready.

  4. Yes time is disappearing here in Arabia too... I hope there are no bushfires near you? xxx

  5. I think it helps making a list... well Santa does and look how great he goes each year! Anyway I'll be by to encourage you to keep working on them! :)