Friday, 18 January 2013

Tieing Up Loose Ends and Another Visitor

Time to admit that my TTS wasn't quite finished when hung on the wall for Christmas but I've fixed that.  The label had been stitched previously and is now sewn to the back. One loose end tied up!

This next project has lots of loose ends. I'm yet to tie and burying all my quilting threads and still have half the binding to sew.  I would love to know how others end off their quilting threads?

Hubby spotted this fellow visiting at lunch time. 

I guess any shade will do in this heat and Mr Goanna didn't mind sharing our home...thankfully he was happy to stay downstairs under the house.

Stay safe.


  1. Hi ya, I have couple ideas for finishing off quilting threads, send me an email.

  2. Good to have your TTS finished. No goannas, but I have had lots of birds visiting my birdbaths today.

  3. great to completely finish your tts. Yay!
    very interesting visitor, poor thing must be hot too.

  4. Hi narelle i dont need to tie ends off as i read a tip some where and when you start and finish your sewing you use the smallest stitch possible and go up an down a few times,its great it doesnt come undone and then i just snip the threads,works for me,lol,lovely visitor Narelle.xx

  5. If I need to bury threads... I do the same as you... boring but necessary sometimes! Good feeling having a tidy-up isn't it! :)

  6. Finishing can be a pain, but when it is done the feeling is great. Wow, that visitor has an amazing tail.

  7. Hi Narelle,I do the same as Shez,would drive me nuts stitching all the ends in.

  8. quilt not finished till it has it's label???? I do the same as Shez with my ends....
    the goanna is huge.... I would love to watch him but not toooo close...

  9. A strange comment post by Anonymous...

    Anyway, good on you for your finished TTS. We must add our labels!

    I've tied and tucked my loose ends too, and I've done what Shez recommends. Makes for less work and frustrations, and it does hold.

    We don't have "pets" like yours there where we live... LOL! Wow! Its long..

  10. I bury threads int the wadding with my needle. When machine quilting I always try to avoid loose ends and do some souble stitches.
    Goannas, how dreadful, that's one of the reasons I didn't want to stay in Oz. I really am phobic to reptiles... shiver... shiver.... shiver.