Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pieces of Me

Still here :)  Slowly getting into a routine ... I like to have a routine! Going with the flow is OK for a while but then I crave routine. Not sure when I last left a comment but I've been trying to keep up with my fav blogs ... reading from my Google Reader list. So many beautiful projects happening out there.

5 ladies from our Patchwork group travelled for a workshop last Saturday. We chose a design to start on in the morning and after lunch we were given instructions for the beginnings of a mystery quilt. After sewing some jelly roll strips together, pressing and cutting into 4.5" blocks, the layout was revealed and I'm looking forward to seeing how each of our fabric choices come together.

I leave you with a few photos of the time between now and my last post. With 2 consecutive days home, I have a LOT to catch up on. Firstly getting the house into some sort of order ... bookwork to finish off before it's time to start the next lot ... and there is some sewing planned as well.  Then I'll be back on the 25th with my February 1 Xmas Item (luckily this was finished way early).

 During and after the floods ... the road I travel to work.

A little squishy
My blog book for 2012 arrived
Kitty swap blocks arrived

 The garden is blooming

Workshop sewing - before lunch

After lunch - mystery quilt

Now then ... coffee and lamington time :)


  1. gee a big difference in those pics of the road that you travel for work,lovely blocks Narelle.xx

  2. those photos are amazing, hope it is back to normal now.
    those fur babies look like they are becoming house dogs lol

  3. Glad you are getting back to normal. Your projects look great and so does your garden. How old are those sweet puppies now?

  4. Wow what a big difference the road is!!! Glad you are OK.
    Cute puppies. I too have finished my 1 xmas item early, I am amazed!!

  5. Lovely country roads you get to travel on......except when they're flooded. Glad you're okay. Sweet puppies.

  6. The road is beautiful if it is not flooded. Pretty blocks.

  7. Gotta LoVe lamo's. Strange weather at the moment! Glad you were safe though! See you on the 25th.. :)

  8. Hoping things ok with the flood situation Narelle. Love your blocks

  9. Thanks for running the 1 Xmas Item a Month. It has encouraged me to be prepared for Xmas this year. Plenty of rain around here as well. Strange weather. Love all your show and tell photos. Hugs.....