Sunday, 24 March 2013

Can't Keep Up

Since going back to work nearly full time there seems to be not much time left for sewing or blogging....and I'm missing both!

I've made the change to Bloglovin since hearing that Google Reader was on the way out. It was very easy to transfer my list of blogs over and now that I have everyone back in folders according to location, I'm happy. It seems quite easy to use and I like that I can scroll down the new posts and choose to mark it as read or leave it to come back to later. 

Almost time for 1 Xmas Item A Month ... I will be back tomorrow afternoon with the little that I have achieved for this. Maybe I can squeeze in a little more stitching tonight?

This fellow and lots of it's friends were enjoying the lush growth after the rains.

Enjoy your weekend  :)



  1. see you tomorrow.xx

  2. work can really get in the way of crafting time... good to hear you are happy with bloglovin... I haven't made any changes yet...

  3. bummer about work, hopefully the pending holidays will give you time to spend on your crafting and blogging.
    can't believe it's nearly the 25th already!

  4. Yes work has no consideration for the earnest crafter!
    Hopefully you will get some time on Sunday for some sewing, does your soul some good, methinks x

  5. Lovely photo, Narelle. I have nearly finished my item for this month.... just got a bit of handwork to do on it...hopefully you will see it in a couple of days!!

  6. It's a shame when life gets in the way!
    I am going to post tonight on my 1 xmas item, because I have finished it.
    I haven't heard about this blog reader topic you have mentioned?

  7. If we only could make money out of our creative projects!!... Only a few lucky ones can, and the rest has to dream of it... So I'm not much in the blogging world anymore, because the time I have left, I want to sew. But I will check out the new reader site. Maybe it's something for me too.

  8. It is a pitty that we can not buy time. See you tomorrow.

  9. Hey Narelle.... just catching up on your blog! Lovely Christmas finishes... and I hope you are not still flooded in??? xxx