Sunday, 10 March 2013


This morning started out with blue skies and that yellow ball in the sky that I believe is called the sun. On went the washing machine and oh how lovely to peg outside in the sunshine ... but wait a few hours and what do I hear on the roof? ... quickly racing outside to bring the last of the washing in before getting wet again!

A trip to town 45minutes away was a real treat on Thursday ... we and many others had their first day out after flood waters receded enough to cross the bridge. Time to replentish the 'wet weather' grocery stock items along with collect the mail (2 weeks worth) and a few other things we'd been waiting on.

There's been more sewing than usual lately but I'm certainly not complaining about that. Working on a very special quilt for a very special event next month ... the marriage of DS and his beautiful fiancee ... so exciting!

Once I dug 'Catalicious' out of it's hiding place I was keen to get it together so for a change of sewing, strips were cut and sashes added ... throw in some un-sewing because my math just didnt' add up ... finish the sashing and add the final border ...

 2 rows with 2x1" sashing between the blocks and 1 row with 3x1" sashing does not an even lenght make. So I had to remove the centre strip from the middle row. The finished top is a big tick towards my PhD for March but will have to wait before being quilted. For a close up of each stitchery go to the 'Catalicious' page at the top of my blog.

Tomorrow should herald some sort of, dare I say, routine with a return to work. And just maybe that big yellow ball in the sky will make another appearance :)

Enjoy your weekend or what is left of it.



  1. Your catilicious quilt is so lovely, the dark sashings look perfect with it. Glad you can get across the bridge now, hope you get some more sunshine, Wendy

  2. Oh please send some of that wet stuff down south, I know you are sick of it but I'd gladly swap the big yellow hot ball for a couple of days...well done of moving Catalicious to the finished top list...

  3. I like the idea of being flooded in at home, but I'm sure it's not very much fun. Good to hear that you can get out and about and get back to normal. Hope the sun shines for you tomorrow.

  4. great finish Narelle!
    Enjoy your return to work. Only a few weeks and it's holidays again lol

  5. Your quilt is looking lovely. Nice to see some sun on the weekend. Let's hope we have a bit more of it this week. Hugs....

  6. Love your catalicious. Must finish mine. Hugs,xx.

  7. this is gorgeous Narelle,so glad you got to go into town and i hope the sun shines for you.xx

  8. Catalicious is looking gorgeous. We've seen the occasional bit of sun but still the showers persist. DH is heading up your way tomorrow for a few days. Hopes to get some more work done on my sewing room.

    The rain is getting a bit hard to take - but I know that we'll be wanting its return so I'm trying to not complain!

  9. We keep getting those pesky showers. I watch the sky like a hawk when the washing is out. Your catalisciuos quilt looks fabulous. I love the way the stitched blocks stand out against the pink floral .

  10. Crazy weather... after being locked up by the flood you must have been dismayed to hear rain drops again!!! Sounds like you made good use of your time at home... Catalicious is lovely...

  11. Hello Narelle,

    Love the cat quilt. Hope the sun continues to shine for you.

    Happy days.

  12. Your catalicious quilt is coming together beautifully. Hope the yellow ball returns to stay for at least couple of days!

  13. I can relate to your enjoyment of being able to get into town - but I can usually find an upside to being forved to stay at home - tend to get in and get things done that otherwise don't get done!
    Your 'cataliscious' looks terrific - the dark frames really set it off.

  14. Love it!! I have partially finished my blocks - I must pull them out again :-)