Tuesday, 5 March 2013

PhD Check In

Thankyou Cheryll for the reminder :)  I have been doing just a little to a couple of my PhD's. As my attention span is very very short, having multiple projects half done can be a bonus. At the start of the year I numbered 6 projects for a small online group and each month a new number is chosen and we work on the corresponding project. Although I can't see any of them being finished just yet, at least they are having progress made.

This also keeps me on task for Cheryll's PhD Challenge so here is what I've worked on so far.

This quilt I posted about in January when I added the black border.  Finished the month with cutting the blue strips and gold squares. Just need to purchase fabric for the wider border and get sewing.

February was Red Delicious month.  Not much happened but I did get the next 3 part block ready for hand applique.

March is Catalicious month.  All this one needs are the darker strips cut, join it all together with a wider border in the lighter fabric and the top will be finished.  Hmmmm! Doesn't sound like much but .... we'll see :)

I do have a small finish to share ... those petals from FNwF have been stitched together and this would be my favourite flower so far.

And for my own records when next year comes along and I have this year's blog posts printed into a book ...

... today is day 9 of being cut off by flood waters. This crossing was over 3 metres deep yesterday but has dropped to just over 2 metres today. We've had lovely sunshine this morning but the clouds are still about too.



  1. Doesn't seem to be an end in site with the rain. Hope it stops soon. Love all the projects you are working on. Great to do it with friends as it encourages us to finish those half done UFO's. Hugs......

  2. you are doing well with your projects Narelle and boy you still have a lot of water laying around.xx

  3. You are an excellent student Narelle... you'll be all done your PhD's if you keep plugging away as you have been. Well done!
    As far as the rain goes..."get lost" I say... you've had enough!!! :)

  4. Thanks goodness you have such a lovely variety of projects to work on while you're flooded in.

  5. Those cat blocks are just adorable... hope your flood waters receed soon!

  6. Hello Narelle,

    You certainly have lots to do on the sewing front, all beautiful projects. I would love some of that rain.

    Happy days.

  7. You are working on so many lovely things, is the red delicious needleturned? It looks hard!! Love your catalicious, pretty colours. Hope that water dries up soon for you!