Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Finishes and Computer Hitches

Everything is going along nicely and then your computer won't start up ... oh no! Then you begin to realize how much 'stuff' you've got all over the place and then the OCD in me kicks in and then I start to hyperventilate .... well it wasn't that bad really ... I'm just being melodramatic :o)

I knew I had all the important things saved on 'sticks' but email access isn't the same when on a substitute computer. So I'm going to slowly convert my bloggy 'stuff' over to a new email that can be accessed from any computer easily (fingers crossed).

I've set up a second email address to receive any blog comments and will mostly reply from here as well. So if you receive a message from 'Pins and Whiskers' in your inbox it's me.

Before all this drama I managed to finish another Brutus and now have only one to go. Four of us in our patchwork group have been stitching along with Helen's Stitching Round the Block and last Wednesday we received our original blocks back. The girls have all worked their magic and I am thrilled to bits with my piece ... thankyou girls. Now to make it into ... ?

Thankyou for all your lovely birthday wishes and good luck!


  1. Your Brutus stitchery is great.... the variegated thread is just right. I am also wondering what to finish my stitching around the block into...

  2. Love your Brutus. So gorgeous in that thread colour. Your round the block looks great. Happy Stitching,

  3. Brutus looks very relaxed and your block looks fantastic

  4. Brutus is a very laid back cat. Your block is really lovely. Lots of beautiful work on it.

  5. I just love Brutus and the variegated thread has fitted the image perfectly. The stitching round the block looks great. I love those little hexie flowers.

  6. ..and another chance for me to wish you a Happy Birthday friend :-)
    Love all that you've been doing.
    Brutus is so cute and so is your SATB block...gorgeous!
    I would have liked to do that one too... so pretty!
    Hope you sort our your Computer issues soon...they are such a pain when they don't work.
    BTW I enjoyed your melodrama... I could see the grin on your face as you were typing.
    Have a great day!!

  7. Happy belated birthday Narelle!!...could not comment on your blog for a few posts, but that won`t have to come from your computer...blogger is a bit off here in Holland..i always close the pc..start it up again and close my eyes "praying"everything is ok again..silly i know..and after a few days everything seems to be ok again and blogger is apologizing for the problems..in the mean time i had changed every setting trying to get it right..... so i am trying again...i love your stitcheries especially those of Brutus..and your Christmasbonbon is so great...
    and that cake....looks yummie!!.
    greetings Francien.

  8. your srtb looks fantastic. What will it become?
    Brutus looks lovely too.

  9. You have been busy. Will we be seeing any of these in the local show?

    The weather has been kind if you want to stay inside and sew, now there's a thought!