Wednesday, 9 March 2011

O.F.W. ~ SAH Robin 9

Today I finished off the last three 1/2" hexie flowers for the last round of Stitching Round the Block. Sorry it has to be in black and white Kerry, can't have you getting any ideas.

We will each have our own blocks returned at our next patchwork day on the 23rd March so I still have some work to do. I also cut the green fabric into squares ready to baste the last hexies for my table top.

To visit more colourful gardens head over to our lovely host Karen for more links.

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After the little flowers were done, I pulled out my two SAH Robin blocks to see how I could add some embelishment for round 9. I thought maybe a dragonfly to go with the snippets of dragonfly fabric used in the blue piece.

Jayne thought she'd help me out in case the breeze tried to flip it over.

On the tan piece I decided to add a touch more blue and stitched 3 little blossoms down the left side.

Each month our lovely host Kate gives a small direction for the next round and then it's time to put the thinking caps on. If you'd like to see other gorgeous creations head over to Stay-at-home Robin.


  1. what fun... i love the picture being done in black and white... great idea...

  2. I just love the small hexies..I will try them one day...

  3. O, this is inspirational, in B&W....very nizzzzzee

  4. I do like how your SAH Robin blocks are coming along and love the black & white flower photo. Funny!

  5. Makes my imagination go wild wondering what colours your hexies are, nice.

  6. I thought you had gone all black and white hexie gardening. will look forward to the colour reveal and your srtb finish too.
    Lovely embellishments!

  7. Die Hexies sind toll in Schwarz-Weiß! Das habe ich noch nirgends gesehen.

    Liebe Grüße!

  8. Itty-bitty flowers!!! Too cute, even in B&W! 8-)

    Your SAH Robin blocks are looking good Narelle!

    Happy stitchin'!