Friday, 18 March 2011

One Christmas Item Reminder

For those of us who would like to make One Xmas Item a Month ... here's a little reminder that the 25th is only one week away ... wonder what goodies everyone will be sharing this month.
Merry Sewing


  1. At the rate I'm going, home-made Christmas will be cancelled this year - I keep making things to give away NOW! Note to self - must stop getting sidetracked!

  2. Oh, didn't realize you had a thing going, Narelle - I have a cute Liberty pincushion made, so that's a bit of a start!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Your Christmas cat mixed up in the lights is cute. I don't think I will have anything for Christmas. Once I've made it it is hard to put off giving it away and if I keep it I have to make sure I remember where I put it :) It is fun to make things little gifty things though. I have some little sewing kit things on the go.

  4. Oh dear.... I am not doing very well with this challenge at all... too busy with too many other things... sigh... oh well...

  5. I'll actually have one for this month!! Remind me again please on the 25th!