Saturday, 22 September 2012

FNSI Results

Sitting down in front of the TV last night, I went with some knitting for FNSI and I hope to get it finished tonight.

I'm not a very speedy knitter so I was pleased with the progress and am happy to say that I think my stitches are getting neater too :-)  It was also nice to sit and relax for a change ... September has been rushing past.

Happy Sewing


  1. Great work Narelle. Love the colour of this one! :)

  2. Looking good but what are you making?

  3. lovely to do something relaxing.
    Hopefully there will be some more of that over the holidays.

  4. Narelle great knitting there, but I think it's too lovely to use! And what a great day out you had at the Dream Day Out... x

  5. Looks great. What are you making? I think knitting is super relaxing, so it's one of my favorite things to do when life gets too hectic. Glad you had a good FNSI! :)