Saturday, 8 September 2012

Stopping to Smell the Roses

September Goals
1 Xmas Item
TTS Block - Santa & the Chrismtas Goose
A very very short list this month.  With work plus 3 weekends in September earmarked for occassions, I really can't see too much sewing going on so I'm going to be happy with just these two things getting done. I'm learning that it's ok to take a step back sometimes.
My first rose of Spring 2012.
Just Joey
I still hope to find time to visit all your wonderful blogs and keep up with all the lovely creations. There'll still be a post on the 25th  for 1 Xmas Item so keep up the Festive sewing my fellow Elves ... Christmas is just around the corner now.
Happy Sewing


  1. I love the Just Joey - we have one in our backyard too ;-) Ours is no where near blooming yet, but lots of new growth ;-)

  2. I was in Quiltsmith today, and overheard one of the staff saying that we should relax and enjoy our hobby, it shouldn't be a burden! So true. Enjoy your special occasions, and enjoy whatever sewing you have time to do. X

  3. Lovely soft coloured rose! I am loving your lists Narelle, they remind me to back off and take things slowly too :)

  4. sounds like a busy month for you Narelle,what a gorgeous rose.xx

  5. Craft is supposed to be for enjoyment... if there's pressure there's NO enjoyment. Any sewing is fantastic I say! :)

  6. sometimes you just have to make the goals to suit.
    Your spring rose is lovely.
    Enjoy the other things that occupy your time too. Only two more weeks till holidays!

  7. what a pretty rose.... doesn't matter how long or short the list is.... you have goals.. .that's good