Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Making A List ... Checking It Twice

Wow!  Some of the Elves have been skipping around the workshop very early this morning and sharing pics of their Christmasy Goodies. It's starting to get a little bit exciting now with the Festive Season just around the corner so check out the "1 Xmas Item" page above for some Christmas Cheer.

How is your list?  Hope you've been able to squirrel away a few presents or decorations ready for December. Here is my September item ... the blue wash cloth ... which will be wrapped together with the cream one and a nice cake of pretty soap.

A cheery thankyou to all the elves who make our '1 Xmas Item A Month' workshop a happy place to be.


  1. Oh NO we THANK you! A Merry Christmas will be had by all thanks to this group! :)

  2. i agree with Chez,and what a lovely idea with your washers Narelle,they look fantastic,well done.xx

  3. Love the wash clothes. Thankyou for running the 1 xmas item a month Narelle. Off to do my post & on time this month. :) Hugs,

  4. You are a good host Narelle. I love seeing what everyone makes. Great washers. You are clever putting the name in.

  5. I just love your washcloths.. they are so neat and pretty... thank you for your encouragement... if we are elves are you mummaelf?

  6. Sorry Narelle, didn't make it this month, again!
    Your knitted cloths make a lovely combination.
    Off to get some inspiration from the elves.