Sunday, 18 August 2013

FNSI and Sunday Seams

Had a lovely time Friday night stitching along with everybody. The vine around my 'S' grew lots of holly leaves.


There's never enough time in a day anymore so even though I don't get to leave many comments, I always like to take a quick look around as many blogs to see what they've been creating.

Usually when it comes to my sewing I am the 'Tortoise'.  If at a class or workshop, I'm always the student that's bringing up the rear and taking home the most homework. As evident by my many few finishes this year, my projects can take a considerably l-o-n-g time in the making.
I do think I can count myself as the 'Hare' this week with my next photo. Those 16 blocks that have been appearing here and there can now be called a finished centre...and in only 1 week. Lots of seams to match up!

Now back to 'Tortoise' mode as I play with sashing and the border.

Hope you find some time to create this weekend.    >^..^<


  1. A nice stitchery is such good relaxation, and your Christmas bunting is looking lovely. Never mind the finish, it's how much we enjoy the stitches along the way.

  2. A lovely Christmas stitchery project..and your quilt pattern is very effective..I can also feel the same as you at times when everyone else seems to be zooming through projects and mine just don't seem to be getting finished at all.. but as Susan has said it is about the enjoyment we get from working on them and also the company of friends if we are lucky enough to be stitching with them..

  3. Lovely Stitchery and so long as you are enjoying what you do what is wrong with being a tortoise
    Slow and steady wins the race

  4. well done with your bunting progress and your top has come together beautifully. well done Ms Hare!

  5. The "S" is going to look gorgeous, and I love the quilt top. You certainly did that part quickly.

  6. I love all the holly leaves. Nothing wrong with tortoise mode. Things get done eventually.

  7. Well done you Hare!!!
    Your vine is looking pretty.
    Looks like you might have another finished for the 25th.

  8. the blocks look fantastic all together and the stitcheries are happening.... the process should be what is the most fun...


  9. Well, this fast little hare really did have a win - looks great!

  10. SSSSSSimply SSSSSSSpectacular glad you joined us....that top is looking wonderful week???? I'm impressed!!!!!! xox sugary hugs :o)

  11. I love your stitchery. I am working hard for my christmasitem. 2 months nothing is to much.

  12. Your stitchery is looking lovely and the quilt is gorgeous!!