Saturday, 31 August 2013

OPAM and a UFO

Just remembered it's the last day of the month today.  Not only that but it's also the last day of Winter, if you could call it's been more like spring for weeks now.

I finished this scarf last Sunday night but am only getting around to taking the regulation finished item photo. One more ball of wool that didn't make it to the 'lost' box.

Tick for OPAM August, yippee!  Thankyou to the lovely hosts Kris and Peg.

Last night while deciding on what to stitch next, this particular UFO popped into my head and was even easy to find so ....

Red Delicious - Part 7 has come out to play. This particular quilt was commenced in February 2009 as a free block of the month by Esther Aliu and I still really like it, just never seem to work on it much. You can find a progress pic on my UFO page. 

My Challenge:  There are 12 'scrolls' and last night I blanket stitched the first 1. So I'm setting myself the task of stitching at least one length of thread each day until this part is finished. Check back in at the end of September to see how far this tortoise has advanced. (1 thread doesn't go far)

Happy Spring Days   >^..^<


  1. such lovely work Narelle,well done.xx

  2. Lovely scarf and your red blocks look beautiful.

  3. such pretty colours in your scarf... I like the way you set your plans... it will be done soon that way...

  4. lovely soft colours in the scarf, so pretty.
    good that your ufo has resurfaced. I hope you enjoy it enough to even progress to 2 threads a day...

  5. Lovely scarf and cool scrolls!!! you can do some lovely swirly quilting around that! xxx

  6. The is really pretty!! Good luck on your scroll goal!! Love the new blog header--very cute!