Sunday, 4 August 2013

Where To Begin?

A good nights sleep has been elusive this last week thanks to a persistent cough.  I'm sure you know the one ... the minute you lay down to sleep the tickle begins and won't let go until you cough and then you can't stop. Day time isn't much better either.

Add in hearing and then watching a car roar away from your home late at night and coming to the realization that it's your car and someone has just stolen it. Thanks to the swift response of Police we were lucky to have it found dumped at a service station in the next town but ours was only one of a string of goings on. It's very hard for the brain to comprehend what the eyes are seeing when it's thinking that's not possible. Gave up on sleep that night.

Thankfully with the bad there is good to make us smile. The next morning this beautiful little girl had arrived into our world.

Today is getting back to 'normal' with washing on the line and another load in the machine. Might put a loaf of bread in the maker shortly and there's a half knitted scarf waiting to be finished too...think this one is number 11 of the ruffle variety.

May you find some time to be creative this weekend.



  1. Oh A gorgeous new addition and nearly on her birthday too
    Not a nice feeling when someone is sneaking around your house at night
    We recently had our quad bike stolen. The police found it damaged on the rail trail the next night
    To make matters worse it was taken by our next door neighbours son. He does not live with his Mum In his 40's He is currently in jail for traffic offenses
    Hope things get better in the sleeping department

  2. oh my goodness Narelle, glad you got the car back...
    What a delightful foal... gotta give you a big smile...
    lemon, honey and a good dollop of brandy... and some hot water... sip, sip... magic....

  3. It amazes me that there isn't a roller coaster of the super scary kind callled life. I am glad you got your car back and what a sweetie to make things all better. Sometimes even laundry seems like a good thing. Hope the cough goes away too--really soon.

  4. how horrible Narelle, you think those things only happen in suburbia.
    Good that you got it back.
    What a beautiful new arrival at your house.
    Hope you got your 'normal' day and that you shake off that cough.

  5. Those kind of things are so unsettling. I'm glad you got your car back and hope that's the end of it. Hope you're feeling better soon, I'm sure seeing that little girl will help.

  6. I'm glad you got your car back and I hope you manage some decent sleep soon too! Your new addition is very cute :)

  7. What a wonderful new friend you have there!

  8. Oh no whats the world coming too glad you got your car back and she is a real beauty Narelle.xx

  9. I can relate to the time lag before the brain recognises that your car is driving off and you're not in it and that can't be possible...came out of the pictures at a shopping centre one day to see the car driving down the not a nice yours it was recovered but it's horrible when it happens...hope your cough has gone away and you've got some good sleep with no more disturbances...The new addition is a pretty little filly...

  10. Sorry to hear you are under the weather with a cough , not fun. How dreadful that your car was stolen but glad it was found and hopefully not wrecked. Love the new addition , that would definitely make me smile :-) take care .

  11. I so know that rotten cough. I hope you can shake it soon. What a pain about the car. It outrages me that people think they have a right to take what others have earned.
    The foal sure is cute. I love baby animals. I have been a bit lazy the last few days because the sunny weather has been so nice. Sitting in the sun is so therapeutic .

  12. Sorry to hear you have that awful cough - here's hoping it goes away really soon. The foal is just so cute - a I'm sure so welcomed too.

  13. Hello Narelle,

    Glad you got your car back, hope they get the appropriate punishment. Love the latest member of your family.

    Happy days.

  14. Ugh, I hate those types of coughs... thank goodness you got the car back so soon! Gorgeous new baby... you take care... xxx