Friday, 9 August 2013

Check In Time

Won't be too many days and the 25th will be here once more. I really do need to make a start on this month's stitching ... how about you?

 As Chief Elf  I would like to extend a huge WELL DONE! to the following Elves who have been able to add to their Christmas stash each month this year. A great achievement as we all know how 'things' can get in the way of our plans.

Jeanette's Place
Enjoying Life
Gone Stitchin'
Quilty Bits from the Blue Room
Cheryl's Stitchings
Quite a number of you have only missed once which is also a super achievement! 
Charlotte's Webb
Hibiscus Stitches
Anita's Quilts an Handwoerken
Lou's News and Crafty Creations
Mardi Meanderings
Channelbank Creations
 If you've been like me and found a gap or three in your stash, not to worry. We still have 4 more opportunities to add to our gift or decorations boxes.
Thank you all so much for joining me on this journey to get ahead with our Christmas Sewing. At times it would be too easy to think "no, not this month" but then I work out how many days till sharing time on the 25th and get crackin'.
Please, please, if I have made a tally error, please let me know. I try to visit everyone but sometimes it's a rush.
Happy Christmas Sewing and see you on the 25th.     >^..^<


  1. How cool is that! I have amazed myself that I am making something! I say Thankyou, as you are helping me achieve some goals.

  2. thankyou for inspiring us to do so Narelle.xx

  3. well done to those dedicated Elves,
    OMG only four more till the big one!
    How scary!

  4. Thanks for being such a great Chief Elf and keeping us on task :)

  5. Really enjoyed this and have great stuff in readiness .
    Can't believe there's only 4 after this one.Thanks for hosting xx

  6. Definitely well done to all those who have been getting things done.

  7. I enjoy it Narelle and it's lovely to have a bit of encouragement to keep us going

  8. I think I might actually manage it this month, lol!! Actually, my SAL bag for last month probably counts for last month, but it was done after the 25th... so maybe it should count for this month?! Too confusing... lol! xxx

  9. That is a fantastic result from everyone. Whether it is every month or just a few it is great to have those items finished.
    I do have a July finish but I was away from home with limited internet and couldnt add a post at that time so am going to post about it with my August one.

  10. I am so happy to have been able to make something each month. Will have to get cracking so I make this month's deadline. Hugs.....